YES She Can: How To Be a Wife, Mom and Boss

Guest Post by Eva Benoit


Yes, She Can.


Move over, stereotypes. Today’s moms have a new way of doing things and it doesn’t include waiting around for her husband’s paycheck. Moms today are increasingly choosing to run their own business and raise a family. It isn’t witchcraft and these mompreneurs aren’t neglecting any aspect of their lives, they are simply living every moment to the fullest. Want to know the secret? Keep reading.


Do you have what it takes? (The answer is, yes.)


There is no specific type of person that makes a great entrepreneur. Women come in all varieties from mild-mannered introverts to over-the-top and gregarious. There are characteristics, however, that many small business owners possess. These include an insatiable drive, inability to sit still, solving problems abilities, adaptability and tenacity. So if you ever question whether or not you have what it takes to run your own business, know the answer is yes as long as you do it on your terms.


Getting started


Just as there’s no one right kind of person to be a mom and boss, there is no specific business that makes sense for everyone. According to USA Today, creative moms may enjoy a profession as a freelance copywriter or piano teacher. Tech-savvy ladies may find success as a web designer or PC repair technician. If you’re one of those moms who always has her weight in check, consider a job as a personal trainer. Good at math? Tax preparation is a job easily done at home.


If you’re unsure of your abilities but you have a passion, you may even be able to find an existing business to franchise or market. Joining a company such as Lou La Roe or Jamberry Nails is a great way to get started and gives you access to instant products that have already proven in demand. One mom blog recommends network marketing and explains that women are leading the way in this traditionally male-dominated field.


Finding — and maintaining — balance (when you have kids)


Balance. It’s a seven-letter word that often sparks a four-letter-word reaction. But balance is the main thing you need if you plan to operate a business from home. Thankfully, there are plenty of mompreneurs who have found ways to even the scales when you have a family and a job. The remote team at Buffer, a UK-based social media promotions company, recently gave their best advice for working at home with kids in tow. It really comes down to finding a schedule that works for you and being flexible. You never know when your toddler will suddenly lose interest in cartoons or your newborn will need an emergency diaper change. Be realistic in your expectations of your children and plan to call for backup when you have to focus on work.


Keep it separate


Perhaps the best piece of advice anyone might give you when you’re planning to work or run a business, from home is to keep those two aspects of your life as separate as possible. While there will be times when they will intermingle, set specific hours where you will focus solely on your family. For instance, eat dinner together at 6:30 every evening and don’t take work calls on Saturday mornings.


Pay attention to the practical


In addition to balance, another major key to your entrepreneurial success is your workspace. Separate this area from your living quarters and make sure you have the equipment – and office set up – to get things done without having to constantly run down to your local print and copy shop. Other practical matters that need attention include bookkeeping, paying taxes and obtaining any necessary licenses you may need to legally operate your business.


Starting your own business is completely possible, even if you’ve chosen to stay home and have a family. It’s all about balance and, as long as you have the drive and determination, it’s a way of life you can enjoy, no matter what our foremothers may have thought.


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