How To Get Out Of The FUNK You Are In!



Have you ever been in a funk?


A period of time where you just didn’t feel like doing anything?


You feel numb to everything and frustrated with your results.


I recently had a time period where I felt this to the max! I felt like I wasn’t making any progress and the bottom line was- I wasn’t meeting my own expectations. The outcome was very different from what I had expected. And this happens all the time for us! We think things will go a certain way and they are completely off target. The best part of this is we can’t control the future, but we CAN control our actions and how we feel about it.



6 different ways to get out of your funk and feel better!

1. Notice. You know you are in a stagnant place, but try to notice what’s inside you too. There may be an internal struggle you need to deal with before you make the jump back into bad-ass mode.



2. Talk about it. Yeah, this part is hard as shit! But, this may be the only thing you actually need. This is the number 1 thing that gets me in a better place if I am down. Expressing your feelings to someone else and laying it all out there.



3. People close to you. They are the ones that will give you strength. They will help you remember why you started, and why you do what you do! They will allow you to see that this can be changed and you can come back stronger than ever before.



4. Are you ready? Trick Question! Chances are you won’t be ready to get back into it. You might have to jump right in even though you aren’t feeling it. Try this- We are on auto-pilot most of the time, so shake that up! Be spontaneous and get in touch with life again. DO something CRAZY or uncomfortable.


5. Make the Effort. If you really want to get out of this funk, you need to add up reasons why you should get back on your feet. Start with one reason, if it seems hard, then add later.



6. Create a future strategy. You don’t want this shit to happen again, so why not build a strategy around getting through a similar blockage in the future? Start by going through this process and document what works and keep it in a safe place to go back to in the future.



These actions definitely help me get out of the funk I was in, and I hope it can deliver for you as well! We all go through tough challenges and mindset hiccups but I remember when my fiancé told me “Just remember WHY you started” and this really made me think about how I want to help and inspire others to break through challenges and adversity. It gave me perspective on how everyone has struggled at some point. The only thing that makes the difference is what you do about it.


Love you guys,



“Creating The Warrior In You”