6 Ways To Do Your Best Every Day Without Validation



“I work so hard, but no one cares!”


“I did so much for them, but I never even got a thank you.”


“Can’t he/she see that I am trying my best?”


I know what you are feeling!


We have all encountered this in some way, shape, or form. It can be frustrating, hard, or stressful. You are not alone. We give our 100%, and sometimes we don’t feel recognized or noticed for our efforts.

Here are 6 steps so you can recharge your inner toughness:


1. Realize they don’t care. No one will really care unless it brings value to them, so either keep crushing it or switch it up to deliver more value. like Gary Vee says “Nobody Gives a Fuck! Just WORK.”


2. Keep the future in mind. The effort might not be noticed or paying off right now, but trust that it will. You are working hard and that feels good regardless. Trust in the process.
3. It’s for you. Sometimes we do need to be little selfish. Give YOURSELF CREDIT once in a while. If you know you are killing it- celebrate that. You deserve it. If they can’t see it, why can’t you?


4. Validation isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Imagine you get a little praise from someone… Yeah, it feels good for a minute, but feeling really good comes from the results you can see, not hear!


5. Give others praise. Maybe you don’t get validation because you don’t give out much yourself! Look in the mirror and give the world what you desire more of. Heck, you’ll even feel good doing it!


6. Who do you do it for?
Are you doing it to impress someone?
Are you doing it for you?
Are you doing it to create a legacy?
Are you doing it for the people you serve?
You must get clear on the WHY you are trying so hard.
Clarity and awareness will help exponentially when you are feeling frustrated or down.

Just remember: If you are doing something different or far from the norm, it can get lonely. You will have days where you aren’t sure if it’s all worth it.


Days where you feel the struggle. But there will also be days where you get a random act of validation; someone will thank you for all the hard work you put in.


They will thank you for inspiring them to do the same. And that day you need to remember to be grateful; grateful for that validation.


Hard work may go unnoticed for a short period of time, but at some point, it will break, and you will feel blessed to have been so patient and disciplined in your work.

So keep your head down, and be ready for your day!


Love you guys,



“Creating The Warrior In You.”